Monday, January 26, 2009

The Beautiful People Business

Writing today will come very easy - we all know people like to look at beautiful people. So why on earth are we so fat? It's NOT enough these days to have an awesome brain, money in the bank and a boat load of friends.

I firmly believe that the guy on Mashable is brilliant. He knows exactly what he has and is marketing it to create some significant wealth, that he'll likely use to create other brilliant mind boggling ventures that have everyone watching him. Literally. He's hot and he knows it and taking his hot bootie straight to the bank.

So, Ladies - Moms, especially. We MILF's get hit on so many times (by mostly married men) that we begin to think its us, begin to dress down and stay in a hole, so our female counterparts will quit the seething stares. Well, sisters, that's no way to be respectable businesswomen. I'm sure most of you have NO issues being eyeballed and onced-over. Frankly, I think it's horrible, but hey - God made guys and girls different for a reason. Use it before you lose it ladies. I'm talking about being bullet-proof. Unsinkable in your ability to get a job done without reasoning with the opposite sex because they think they should own you. Sorry Charlie, you're worth far more than gold and pearls. Get out there, get in the gym, get off sugar, and get over yourself and start thinking about those babies' - and the confidence they'll see when Mom seals the million dollar deal...without compromise, second glances or lengthly eye contact. You don't need it, it's not necessary and it's time these men understand they cannot intimidate us... we can love and nurture, be sweet, kind, confident and be rock stars at the same time.

Go girlies.

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